Unleashing the power of audio learning

Hear2Rise is a powerfully simple App that gains more by doing less. By stripping out the cumbersomeness of other flashcard Apps, incorporating multi-device syncing, and enabling easy sharing of your decks, Hear2Rise makes both teaching and learning easier than ever.

Amazing Features


Create and Share decks in minutes

Powerfully simple approach to creating decks. Once created, users can easily share their decks with others!


Your decks synced on all your devices!

Once created, you’ll have access to all your decks on all your devices, both Android and iOS.


Allow others to link to your deck(s)

Linked decks stay attached to the deck creator, where only he/she can make changes. Any changes made automatically propagate to all linked users. Ideal for teachers, coaches, and mentors.


Intuitive Challenge and Response format

The Challenge and Response format allows for broad applications, such as Question ∓ Answer (e.g. Math, Language, Facts, etc.), Subject ∓ Elaboration (e.g. History, Sports, Hobbies), or Rote Memorization.


Track your progress

Play a deck and score each challenge and response set as thumbs up/down. Then easily focus your review and future testing on just those cards you’re weak on.


Convenient Shuffle, Auto-play, and Loop modes

By eliminating any visual component to decks, users can now learn easily when walking or traveling by putting their deck on shuffle, auto-play, and/or loop mode!

Sharing Your Way

Hear2Rise has some of the most powerful sharing features of any such App out there. Not only can you share in the conventional manner by sending a link to another user, you can also designate any of your decks as “Public” decks, thus making it easier to share with larger groups of people.

You can also decide whether users can copy your deck, allowing them to edit and make it their own, or just link to your deck, in which case users would automatically get any updates you make! Linking is great for teachers, coaches, and mentors!

Lastly, in all cases, a user’s mastery of each deck is tracked via our thumbs up/down tagging individually for each user!

How Some People Use Hear2Rise

Foreign Language Teacher: Set Challenge to be one language, set the Response to be the translation.

ESL Teacher: Create a Public deck with only Challenges, where each Challenge has the teacher saying a word. The student then downloads the Deck and records that same word as the response, and can easily compare their pronunciation with the teachers’ pronunciation!

Basketball Coach: Record play names as Challenges, and record the description of that play as the response. Example: Challenge=Pick and Roll; Response=On offense, player sets a pick and then rolls to the basket.

Parent: To help their child memorize facts, such as times tables, spelling, or geography facts, set the Challenge and Response accordingly.

Trivia: Whether it’s a board game or just fun amongst friends, set a Challenge and Response testing fun trivia subjects.

College Student: Quickly and easily record your study guide questions as Challenges, then record the answers as Responses. You can then set it to play as auto-play, shuffle, and loop, so you can reinforce the subject. You can even share the deck with classmates to help them study as well.

Grandmother’s Recipe: Grandma can record the ingredients of a step (e.g. 2 eggs, ½ cup milk, 1 tbsp sugar) as the Challenge, and then record the process of what to do (e.g. first stir the eggs, then add the milk until it begins to froth, and then add the sugar) as the Response. Grandma can then share the deck with family, and not only do you have the instructions, you have it in Grandma’s own words and voice!

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